24 Sep 2023
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Principles of TikTok Algorithm

In 2020, TikTok decided to unveil some details about the functioning of its algorithms. Now we know that the display of posts in the app is influenced by several factors, including:

Use of hashtags: The impact of hashtags on content display in TikTok should be taken into account. They help determine the thematic relevance of a post and distribute it to appropriate sections or communities.

Location: The user's geographical location also affects the content display in TikTok. This means that the app can show posts related to specific places or events based on the user's location.

Choice of music: Music plays a crucial role in TikTok, and selecting popular or trending musical compositions can increase the chances of a post being displayed in recommended sections.

Interaction with videos: Views, likes, comments, and shares of videos also influence the TikTok algorithm. Active engagement with the content can increase its chances of being displayed to other users.

Audience activity: The activity of your audience during specific time periods can influence the display of your posts. The app strives to show content at times when your audience is most active.

These and other factors determine what you and your followers see in your feed. The TikTok algorithm is based on a ranking system that takes into account hundreds of indicators for each user and creates a unique content feed based on them. Each feed is tailored to the interests and preferences of individual users.

It is important to note that having a large audience does not guarantee the virality of your content. The recommendation algorithm does not use this factor to determine which posts will be shown to you. Therefore, it is important to create interesting and high-quality content to attract user attention.

How to personalize your feed To get the most out of your TikTok profile, we have gathered a few recommendations that will give you access to the content you're interested in.

  1. When creating your profile, choose the categories that interest you the most (travel, sports, beauty, etc.).
  2. Search for and watch content that you like. Use hashtags to discover content and follow new profiles.
  3. Get rid of uninteresting content (in the video options, you can mark it as not interesting, and the system will take your preference into account).
  4. Factors that influence the TikTok algorithm Every brand, company, or influencer aims to increase their visibility, views, likes, and comments for their posts. Working with the social media algorithm will help you reach a larger number of recommendations and, as a result, accounts. In summary, the recommendation system takes into account factors such as:
  5. User interaction, for example:
  • Videos you like or share with other users.
  • Accounts you follow.
  • Comments you post.
  • Content you create.
  1. Video information, which may include details such as captions, sounds, and hashtags.
  2. Device and account settings (language preferences, country settings, device type). These factors are indirect and not considered active preferences.

2.1 Hashtags They can help you discover what content is currently popular, although they don't guarantee that your videos will be recommended to others. Check which hashtags are currently popular through the Explore tab. The most popular hashtags (the most used ones) reflect the preferences of the TikTok audience, but relying solely on them won't achieve the desired results. Make sure your video content aligns with the hashtags you use, and consider whether you're confident in creating content that suits popular hashtags. This method will bring you closer to your audience with unique content, but it won't be the main way to distribute your videos among them.

2.2 Captions for posts Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok captions need to be concise since they are displayed on mobile screens. The goal of captions is to attract attention to your post and encourage users to leave comments. The latest comments will be visible at the top of the page, which can attract other people to join the discussion and generate interest in your other posts. Try to be creative, make jokes, or ask thought-provoking questions in your captions to make them more appealing.

2.3 Popular songs and sounds Many modern stars promote their songs through TikTok by using specific song snippets and creating movements that others should imitate in their own videos. Since dancing is a popular theme on TikTok, this wave of imitations with a particular song can greatly increase the recognition of the track. Less popular artists also compose tracks specifically for TikTok, which are light and easily memorable for the entire audience. Music has its lifespan: when it's trending, some time passes, and your cool video may no longer become popular because the music has become outdated. We conducted an experiment by overlaying different music on the same video, and the experiment showed that the duration of viewing such a video is longer if the track is more popular and newer. Using currently popular tracks can attract new subscribers, which means more views and likes. Imagine someone watching a video with their favorite composition as background music. Most likely, this person will watch other videos with the same music.

  1. What are "Local Covers" on TikTok "Local Covers" is a feature on TikTok that allows users to set a cover for their own local page. It enables you to choose an image or video that will be displayed when other users from your country visit your profile. This feature allows you to personalize your profile and generate more interest from the audience in your country. You can set a cover that reflects your style and piques the curiosity of other users, leading them to learn more about you and follow your profile.

2.4 The period when your audience is most active

It's a good idea to publish content during the peak activity of your audience. You can check the account analytics in Pro Accounts. On the Subscribers tab, you will find their distribution by country and a daily activity graph. By analyzing it, you can determine the time intervals when your posts are most likely to be viewed.

2.5 Video content and editing

TikTok is a unique video platform where everyone has the opportunity to showcase their creativity and imagination as they wish. It is essential to develop your video strategy before launching your account. The videos should be appealing to viewers and encourage them to watch repeatedly. TikTok's algorithms will notice engagement and increase reach, which means that your content will be seen by more people.

Cute and funny videos resonate with the majority of users, while videos about problems typically engage those users who have already faced such issues. Therefore, your audience should be able to relate to your videos, their interests, and their pains.

2.6 Location

Location influences the operation of TikTok algorithms in a way that they prioritize content relevant to your location. This helps to bring communities closer together - often, people living in neighboring countries may have more similar interests than those living across the ocean.

2.7 Content diversity

One of the principles of a social network and how TikTok algorithms work is community building. For this reason, your feed may contain posts that are completely unrelated to your interests. Their purpose is to help you discover new interests, authors, and get new ideas while scrolling through the feed. This is great because it offers a chance to replenish your creative resources without much effort.

Recommendations may also include posts from accounts of your friends who have similar interests to yours.

In any case, TikTok algorithms, just like Instagram algorithms, are constantly learning and applying new data to calculate content relevance and build your personalized video feed.


Now you know how TikTok algorithms select content for you, which means you have the opportunity to influence this process. With interesting and engaging videos, you can win over your target audience and reach more people through recommendations.

TikTok is evolving rapidly. To be popular on the platform, you need to:

  • Shoot videos every day.
  • Come up with interesting themes.
  • Stay updated with trends.
  • Be one of the first to release videos with new tracks.
  • Collaborate with other users through duets.

The audience is constantly changing, along with their interests and preferences. Today you may have a large audience, but tomorrow they may shift to another creator who produces higher quality and funnier content than you. TikTok has its active rhythm, and you need to catch it.