02 May 2024
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Artist Status on TikTok — What Is It, Why Is It Needed, and How Can You Get It?

Artist Status on TikTok — What Is It, Why Is It Needed, and How Can You Get It?

Let’s first understand the term itself.

An artist account is essentially a set of promotional tools that allows the artist to enhance their interaction with the audience. Improved visibility, navigation, and content promotion — all these benefits are received by the owner of such an account, giving them a certain advantage over other platform participants who do not have this status.

A special signature, more precisely a tag under your nickname, helps to identify an account as an artist account. If you see "Artist" under a user's name in TT — you are indeed looking at an artist.

How can you obtain artist status?

It’s much simpler than it might seem. You just need to release 4 songs to qualify for artist status. To release your song on TikTok, you can use one of the popular services like Dittomusic or Tunecore. All you need is a song, a cover for it, a list of authors, and the service itself. So, after releasing 4 songs, you can obtain the coveted status.

What does artist status provide?

Firstly, it provides advertising for new releases. Two weeks before and a month after the release of your new track, it will be tagged with New, which helps attract attention from those seeking fresh content and generally highlights the track among many others.

Furthermore, from this point on, users can view all information about the artist’s music in a special tab, where it will be stored. The ability to attach 3 tracks gives you the opportunity to showcase your best songs.

Many popular content creators pay attention to the backstage — the behind-the-scenes shooting process, stories, or off-camera chaos. Artist status on TikTok opens up a similar opportunity: in "Behind the song," the artist can share the story of their creation. As a nice bonus, one of the videos on the song's page can be marked with “By artist,” which moves the video to the top spot among popular ones under that song.