27 May 2024
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How to increase your views on TikTok without using bots

How to increase your views on TikTok without using bots 

To increase your views on TikTok without using bots, it's important to follow several proven methods and stay updated with current trends. First and foremost, understand which videos are becoming popular on the platform. TikTok is known for its trends, and what becomes popular here quickly spreads to other social networks. To successfully adapt to these trends, regularly check the "Discover" section in the app and see which topics, hashtags, and music are gaining traction. Borrowing ideas on TikTok is not only allowed but encouraged, so don't hesitate to create your versions of popular videos.

Additionally, explore themes that have already proven to be popular. Humor, everyday life, entertainment and hobbies, games, food and drinks, animals, dance and singing, as well as social topics, all attract many viewers. If you're still unsure about what content to create, try a few of these directions and see what resonates best with your audience.

Music plays a key role on TikTok. Using trending tracks can significantly increase your video views. Popular tracks can be found in the "Discover" section. Improving the quality of your videos can also make them more attractive to viewers. Use a good camera, a tripod, a ring light for lighting, and choose an appropriate background. You can edit your videos within the TikTok app or use external video editors.

Using hashtags wisely will also help increase your reach. It's optimal to use 3-5 relevant hashtags for each video. Don't forget the importance of the timing of your posts—try posting videos at different times of the day and analyze the results to determine the best time for your audience.

Collaborating with other bloggers is a great way to expand your audience. Find bloggers with similar interests and create joint videos. Collaborations attract viewers from both accounts and can significantly increase your follower count.

Also, consider creating your own series on TikTok. This requires preparation and scripting skills, but it can keep viewers engaged for a long time. End each episode on a cliffhanger to make viewers eagerly await the next installment.

Active engagement with your audience increases involvement. Encourage viewers to leave comments, like your videos, and follow you. Respond to their comments and create polls to stimulate activity. Share your videos on other social networks to attract a new audience. Use calls to action, urging viewers to visit your TikTok account.

If you're willing to invest in promotion, use TikTok's official advertising tools, but avoid using bots to prevent getting penalized. Regularly posting videos is also important to maintain interest in your account. Create a content plan and follow it to ensure your videos are released consistently.

Finally, adhere to TikTok's community guidelines to avoid having your videos hidden due to violations. And don't be afraid to be unique—in the pursuit of trends, don't forget your individuality. Perhaps your unique approach will become the next big trend on TikTok.

16 May 2024
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Why Your TikTok May Be Stuck at Zero Views

Why Your TikTok May Be Stuck at Zero Views

Many users, when starting to promote on TikTok, encounter the problem of "zero views." This can cause doubts about the usefulness of the platform, leading some users to leave it altogether. In this article, we will examine the reasons why your account or a specific video on TikTok might not be receiving any views, likes, or comments.

The main reason for zero views is often non-original content.

If you contact TikTok support and ask why your videos are not getting views, moderators often respond directly - non-unique content. If TikTok detects that your video has already been uploaded by someone else, it is likely not to show it to viewers. And if you try to artificially increase the number of views, this could lead to a "shadow" ban of your entire account.

 TikTok algorithms are constantly improving and are very good at recognizing copies. To fix this issue and start getting views, you need to significantly alter the video. For example, cut the video and add parts of another clip or images. Adding a few filters is usually not enough. 

When a new video is published, TikTok typically provides it with a few hundred views within the first few hours to assess engagement and interaction. If the algorithms like the results, the video will start gaining more views. However, if the video starts losing viewers' interest and they skip it more often, the views can quickly drop off. Your video needs to be unique and maintain the viewers' interest.

And that's not all...

If you use TikTok to drive traffic to various legal or illegal affiliate links, you may face constant bans. A ban can be just as much a reason for zero views as non-unique videos. Changing your account or even reinstalling the app does not always help – you may need to reset your phone to factory settings, use proxy servers, and engage in other time-consuming activities. If a non-unique video is denied views, it's usually only that video. But in the case of a ban on a video or account, views may be missing on the entire device.


To ensure your videos always get views, follow the platform's rules where you upload them. Your video should be unique (or at least well-uniqued), and your account or device should not have serious violations. Follow these recommendations, and good results will not be long in coming. Good luck! 😉